Sunday, August 19, 2018

Lord Aleem is the rich kid that’s currently rising in fame. Many car hobbyists who are active online now know his name and have varying opinions on him. Now, Lord Aleem is trying to get a job at the TV show Top Gear as a presenter.

The 20 years old Lord Aleem literally can’t talk about his cars. He has so many of them, all of which are supercars that his increasing number of followers are interested in. At the moment he has 50,000 followers on twitter, and 175,000 subscribers on Youtube, where his videos have been watched over 21 million times. His videos are usually about Lord Aleem reviewing and talking about his Lamborghinis, Bentleys and Ferraris. And these are only a few mentions.

Aleem, who gave himself the Lord title to be known as Lord Aleem, now wants to reach an even wider British audience by auditing to become a presenter at the new season of Top Gear currently hosted by Chris Evans.

Lord Aleem said that this wasn’t originally his idea. Ever since news came out that Top Gear was about to have a new season, people have constantly approached Lord Aleem about the auditions, so he might as well give it a shot.

His fame is also a notorious one here and there. Lord Aleem has made his share of mistakes in traffic, such as speeding, using a smartphone while driving, and also a number of bad luck incidents where his cars were demolished by vandals.

The audition will start with an interview, and after that there’ll be a selection procedure. If Lord Aleem passes, it means that he would replace Richard Hammond who left the show after a violent incident between him and the producer.

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