Monday, September 24, 2018

Bally Singh also isn’t shy of enjoying his rich life. He washes is expensive watches in champagne worth 20,000 and loves to show how luxurious his life is through Instagram. His fans love it too.

Bally Singh is now 42 years old, but still living on the wild side of life. Originally from India, Indians have now proclaimed him to be the most interesting man in India. However, Bally lives in the UK.

Recently he told his fans that he bought two Ferraris in one week and didn’t even bother to check what effect it had on his balance. He’s confident enough that it hardly made a dent in his finances.

Bally has become a symbol of VIP life. His job is to be hired by celebrities, hang out with them, party with them, and get paid millions by them for doing just that.


He’s up there on the list of new rich folks, joining positions with famous rappers and racers. Bally Singh however, is a skilful party goer. As a side job, he entertains his fans by showing each time what celebrity he got to hang out with this time, for the right price of course. Last week it was Sting and last Christmas Bally Singh spent a few days in Las Vegas with rapper Nelly.


Washing his watches in champagne has also become more interesting. Bally Singh told his audience that this is the only function champagne has in his life. He’s very strict about not drinking, despite being constantly around alcohol due to his party life.


This hasn’t always been the life of Bally Singh. He started his life working long days in a factory and when things got better, he helped his family run warehouses in the UK. This eventually lead to him working all the way up the ladder towards where he is now.



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